Nightcapper: Jayson Williams (Photos) At The Bar Before DWI?


Our first ever email from the fine folks at Stalking Steve Phillips arrived late this afternoon and supposedly show former gun-toter and NBAer Jayson Williams at a NYC bar just before crashing his SUV into a tree.

Normally we wouldn’t bother posting such photos but with so much tagging BC figures SSP is serious about these being legit.

Our source claims to have seen Williams at Aces and 8’s drinking with a group of college kids. He was friendly and taking photos (more seen below.) Our source also claims that a member of his party purchased Williams at least 3 shots of Jameson.

COLLEGE KIDS! What is he insane?

Happens all the time to guys who get off with manslaughter charges. Some group of smart ass college kids see a weak human in a bar and start ordering up shots for the millionaire.

The crash happened at 3:15 a.m. Williams refused to blow.

[Photos of Jayson Williams Shortly Before DWI Arrest]

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    1. […] It appears that photographs of Jayson Williams being drunk at a bar right before teaching that tree a lesson have surfaced.  I feel safe saying that, because it would be pretty hard to nail me with ruining this guy’s reputation at this point.  I wonder if that guy in the picture shotgunned any beers with our Hero.  See what I did there?  I’m so clever.  <bustedcoverage> […]

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