The Afternoon Dump: Wes Welker Injury, McGahee Slaps Corner, Best Homemade Sign Of All Time, Best NBA Plays Of The Decade, Funniest Pictures Of 2009, A Huge Baby, The Goonies Make A Musical, & Jessie Shannon Makes My Day

Bikini Pro Diana Graham Photo GalleryBikini Pro Diana Graham Photo Gallery
New York Giants Sexy SuperfansNew York Giants Sexy Superfans


Zoe looks great in white, don’t you agree?

So I was probably only one of the ten people (outside of Ohio) to pick Ohio State to win that game. I should have put money on it.

If I would have known last week how the field conditions would have been this week then I don’t think I would have been to mad last week. I was happy we took  out the starters this week especially when it was snowing like crazy.

Hope you had a good new years. Now its time for you to send in your links:

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Afternoon Dump

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The Lohan’s like to show their skin as much as possible [Reel Pretty]

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