New Year’s Day Dump: 2010 Winter Classic Won’t Be Fighty, Winter Classic Weather Report, NBA Gun Play, New Year’s Hottest Birthday Chicks And Tiger’s Piece Of Ass Speaks About Photos

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As expected, there are hot ladies who were born on New Year’s Day, including Julie Henderson.

No time to bullshit. Gotta get this show on the road after a long night of drinking and watching that cool ball drop.


Today’s Dump:

…we get started with news that there probably won’t be a fight in Winter Classic [Puck Daddy]

The weather should be perfect for Classic – 20s and no precip [CSN]

Arenas vs. Crittenton in gambling debt gun showdown [NY Post]

One of Tiger’s pieces of ass says she DOES NOT have naked pics of Cheetah [Sports Radio Interviews]

Which leads us to the casting of the Tiger Woods’ movie that has to be in the works [Brinson/FanHouse]

LSU Purple Man sporting some serious cameltoe at Capital One Bowl [Sparty&Friends]

Sad: no alcohol sales for Jets final game at Giants Stadium [Deadspin]