Brenda Warner Transformation From Ivan Drago To Dancing Queen Is Complete

Thanks to the fine folks at for staying up late last night and capturing Brenda Warner grooving to sound system at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Why is this important? This morning? Because the transformation of Brenda into a hot mom seems to be complete. She used to spend her stadium time screaming for Kurt and being photographed with that Ivan Drago hair.

Now we get the foxy WAG rocking out and not looking so – manly. We hate to say it, but BWarn is actually creeping up our WAG rankings. It has been adjusted accordingly.


Busted Coverage initially made Internet waves this past January just before the Super Bowl when we took an in-depth look at Brenda’s crazy transformation.

The guess is a boob job, a facelift and of course hair coloring. Brenda is a shining example of why women should never go with the Marine hairstyle.

Now look at her!

NBC cameras can’t resist.

[Brenda Warner Shakes What Her Momma The Lord Gave Her]



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