Nightcapper: Bo Pelini Has One Word For Texas, Big 12 Officials – Cheaters!


As you expected, Bo Pelini wasn’t taking that loss to Texas very well after Hunter Lawrence put the Longhorns into the BCS.

Despite Chris Fowler being drunk and tired, then saying he’d vote TCU #2, your BCS Championship will feature Texas.

Pelini wasn’t taking that news in stride. The Nebraska head coach and his brother went OFF post-game in an angry tirade against UT and game officials.

Conspiracy? Of course!

From the Omaha World-Herald:

Bo Pelini had played it cool walking off the field, telling Texas coaches to go win a national title.

But he heard about a conflict at the threshold of the tunnel. Seemed a Texas fan and somebody from NU had exchanged words.

Bo marched toward the scene. Who was it? Bo wanted to engage the Texas fan.

Told nothing happened, he went back toward the locker room, where he saw Marc Boehm, NU assistant athletic director.

“Marc, I want to see (Big 12 head of officiating) Walt Anderson in there right (expletive) now!” Pelini shouted.

“BCS!” Pelini said as he entered the locker room. “That’s why they make that call!”

Not mentioned by Pelini in his rant was his stupid kicker who pushed the kickoff out of bounds or the horse collar personal foul that setup McCoy in territory to make his boneheaded play.

Give him the Heisman! That should piss off ‘Bama fans and make for a great BCS title game.

[Heartbreaker’s haze sees anger and confusion – World-Herald]

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    1. Mark F. Lawrence says:

      The comment after the Pelini interview was poorly (drunkenly?) written. It unequivocally stated that McCoy made the bone-headed play. While Adi Kunalic's kickoff, and Larry Assante's bone-headedness were serious flaws, Colt Mc Coy was so beaten up that he was brain-dead, and DID ALLOW TIME TO EXPIRE, allowing the perfect BCS match.

      McCoy also lost the Heisman because of Nebraska! So that WILL piss off Texas! And frankly, they don't have a chance against Alabama, but should score more than 13 points, their lowest output of the season (and allowed by Nebraska).

      The Huskers have for the most part, marginal players who are coached up, lost 3 games by a total of 4 points, and Texas should be ashamed of itself, with all its great athletes.

      Conspiracies, and just plain cheating and unfairness do occur in life. This "game" was not conspiratorial, Texas just lost. Although with the inanity that I just read, I'll bet the author(?) thinks 911 was a U.S. conspiracy. Say hello to Michigan State's Michael Moorer for me while telling Colt Mc Coy that he just experienced Les Miles syndrome.


      Mark F. Lawrence

    2. J Koot says:

      Mark, Mark, Marky Mark……..

      Thanks for visiting Busted Coverage. What you'll learn over the course of a week or so is that we're very big smartasses when it comes to sports.

      BC wasn't drunk. We think McCoy wins the Heisman because who wants a guy accepting the award with his daddy in a jail cell.

      Not this blog.

    3. Mark F. Lawrence says:

      Dear Mr. Koot,
      Thank you for the explanation. I was enticed into what Rivals.com wouldn't let me read as a non-paying member re: Pelini, et al. So, upon Googling you cane up first.
      Actually, political correctness, if not a dumbing down of the culture, and affirmative action, allows the perfect "excuse" (my thrust was towards the (BcS) Texas outcome) to allow even a sophomore who had a better game when it counted, to win the Heisman. (Think of Hollywood, the Network Media, and elitist academicians who disagree with you…I'm a conservative, but it's about the best football player in college, and as a reminder, not to what one will or could do in the pros. If you choose to have the last word, I will not retort. Thank you for the oppurtunity.
      Sincerely, Mark

    4. Trouble says:

      That was by far the worst Texas has played this year and Nebraska put up one hell of a fight. As for Bo Pelini blaming their loss on the officiating, that's just a cop-out. I agree the officials sucked, but bad calls were made on both teams. As for the Heisman, if Texas wins, Colt will get it. If Alabama wins, Ingram will get it. Texas will lose if they show up & play like that against Alabama. So, for the sake of The Longhorns here in Austin, we still have faith. In 2005 they said we couldn't beat USC, especially with a quarterback like Vince Young..
      14-0 **Believe**
      Hook 'Em! ,,/

    5. Trouble says:

      Okay, dumb blond moment, I didn't realize they were giving the awards out before the National Championship. Colt will get it, Ingram's no Ricky Williams.. Guess we'll find out on the 12th!

      Hook 'Em!!! ,,/

    6. J Koot says:


      You might want to look at the stats for both guys during their Sophomore seasons.

      Ingram: 1,542 yards
      Williams: 1,272 yards

      Just saying.

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