Weekend Dump: Yankees Busting Blogger’s Balls, Kimbo Slice To Lose Again Tonight?, Jared Allen Mullet Beer Box Helmet, Taylor Swift In Bikini And Playboy Christmas Covers

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Another weekend, another photo shoot from Marisa Miller.

Got rolling a little late today. Deal with it.

Our reporter on the scene at GameDay Atlanta says the action is rather weak. Maybe we’ll throw up a few photos a little later.

It’s just going to be a huge football day for us. The weather sucks and it’s cold so hit us up with anything on your mind.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the Yankees picking on a guy just trying to blog [Yankee Universe]

This is why you can’t trust these stupid “Coach Rumor” web sites for ND rumors [Blue-Gray Sky]

Kimbo Slice an underdog tonight on the TUF 10 finale [CageWriter]

Awesome! The Jared Allen mullet beer box tailgate hat [Unathletic Mag]

A simple request for NFL cheerleaders cheering in a dome [YepYep]

Seems Logical: US Curling Team To Start Selling Condoms [Sportress of Blogitude]

Women that would love to do Tiger Woods & save his voicemails  [Funtasticus]

Taylor Swift. Bikini. We’re in. [Flisted]

Holy Sh!t: Sifting through 56 years of Playboy Christmas covers [Coed]

Chantelle Houghton cleavage and NSFW ads [Boobie Blog]

Some tighter cleavage with Jaime Eason [Big Smudge]

…and finally, a new genre of Photoshop blogging….man babies [ManBabies]