Rebekka Armstrong – The All-Time Scariest Playboy Playmate


Busted Coverage famously risked having our nuts ripped off by the Scariest Women of the 2008 Olympic Games and is treading back into that water today.

Meet Rebekka Armstrong, once known as Playboy’s Miss September 1986, is now better known as the woman who can bench press your puny ass and break you with one smart-ass comment.

She also has AIDS.

Combine the outer and inner attributes and you have “The All-Time Scariest Playboy Playmate.”


The former Hef find was just 18 when she got naked for Playboy. Three years later her doctor had news that she’d contracted AIDS.

20 years later.

Ms. Armstrong was at Kent State University this week for AIDS Awareness Day and spoke on how she turned her life around. She hit the weight rack.

By 2002, Armstrong was fit enough to win her first bodybuilding competition, at California’s world-famous Muscle Beach.

“I started doing this to stay alive, but then I thought, ‘Hey, I want to show it off,’ ” she said.

Armstrong said she eschews steroids.

“I don’t want to look like a man,” she said. “I want to look feminine and graceful on stage.”

Um, look, Rebekka, you LOOK LIKE A MAN FROM THE NECK DOWN!

Take out those giant implants and you could be Brian Urlacher. We hate to be mean, but c’mon. Are we jealous of your giant gunboats? Yes. Are we jealous of those forearms that can break skulls? Maybe, a little.

Don’t hate us. Just understand how shocking it is for a woman to go from appearing in Playboy movies such as Ultimate Sensual Massage to ripping of massive sets on the squat rack.

Busted Coverage doesn’t handle such news very well. We prefer to remember you from the appearance in Wet & Wild.

That’s all.

(We’re not sure if you’ll see Rebekka naked on her web site so we aren’t joining. If you do and want to give us an honest review, hit us up:






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    3. Better Than You says:

      I wouldn't fuck her with your dick. No, wait…actually I would. I would give you AIDS.

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    7. Schlippy says:

      If it weren't for aids I think she's hot. There are some female bodybuilders that take hormones and grow an adam's apple and genuinely start to look scary, but this one isn't one to me. Just saying.

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    10. arnaldo says:

      rebekka, vc is simply wonderful. you have perfect muscles and being hiv I still more admire positive you for continuing with all this force. you are a life example. I do not obtain to understand as the human being can be so terrible for criticizes it a person who fights against a so terrible illness and with this devotion and appearance. you are an example of life for as many people that they coexist hiv and AIDS in the world. kiss of Brazil.

    11. arnaldo says:

      rebekka,vc é simplesmente maravilhosa. você tem musculos perfeitos e sendo hiv positivo te admiro ainda mais por continuar com toda essa força. você é um exemplo de vida. não consigo entender como o ser humano possa ser tão terrivel para critica-la uma pessoa que luta contra uma doença tão terrivel e com essa dedicação e aparencia. você é um exemplo de vida para tantas pessoas que convivem com hiv e aids no mundo. beijo do brasil.

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