Nightcapper: Grady Sizemore’s Nearly Naked Penis Photo Removal Vendetta Pisses Off Gay Blogger

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Our friends at, one of the world’s greatest gay sports blogs, is pissed off tonight after a cease and desist letter was sent by Grady Sizemore handlers.

That’s right, Grady is going after gay men who have already copied and pasted his entire catalog of near penis euphoria onto their desktops. And the Cleveland Plain Dealer says Sizemore is making progress ridding the Internet of his tea cup.

Outsports was one of those targets today.

We simply don’t have the resources to fight CAA in their baseless legal battle. All they have to do is sick a couple of their lawyers on us and, whether they have a case or not (they don’t), they can cause us a lot of trouble.

So, to be the great straight guys we are, how about Busted Coverage re-runs the photos for all the ladies and fellas out there who needs their Grady fix.

Lust away, people.

[Grady Sizemore ‘making progress’ in reducing Internet use of racy photos]

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Joe Kinsey