Nightcapper: Mark Sanchez & Jennifer Mueller Relationship Is Over?


Jenn can go back to beer bonging and chasing Matt Barkley.

You had to figure it was just a matter of time before Mark Sanchez (nearly leading the NFL in interceptions) left his college girlfriend Jennifer Mueller for a life with jet-setting models and NY socialites with money and power.

Mr. Everything USC, Scott Wolf, answered three questions today during his Monday Q&A. One answer he dropped on his readership was Dirty Sanchez relationship news.

Q: …….In return for Gwen coming back to Southern California, we will send over Kristin Cavallari, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Mueller.

A: I’m hearing that it’s over between Jennifer Mueller and a certain former USC QB.

And there you have it, Busted Coverage readers. Allow yourself a few breaths before the New York tabloids go crazy with this nugget of news.

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    1. Mike says:

      The first lady of interceptions, no more.

    2. J Koot says:

      Next excuse out of the Sanchez camp….he's never played football in the cold weather.

    3. Dennis says:

      One of Dirty Sanchez's numerous nicknames among USC fans was "El Interceptionne"!

      100 percent true.

      He was an interception machine at USC who never accomplished anything in his one year starting and now the rest of the country are finding out Pete Carroll was right about Dirty all along.

      Dirty Sanchez is and will be a BIG TIME bust in the NFL.

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    5. […] Mark Sanchez & Jennifer Mueller Relationship Is Over? […]

    6. Peter says:

      They've been over. I saw him out with some other girl this weekend. Hot as hell must be nice being a NFL QB

    7. J.M says:

      it's been over for the longest now. Move on and don't look back. Sucked in bed anyways.

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