Katelynn Johnson – UO Cheerleader & Busted Coverage Legend – Knocked Out In Arizona Water Bottle Incident

This news made us just sick.

Serious stomach ache sick with a side of hysterical anger.

After a busy weekend we finally sat down to check out email and see something on an Oregon cheerleader named Katelynn Johnson being knocked out by a flying water bottle after the Arizona-UO game in Tucson.

Last Thursday we ran a photo profile of Katelynn and her teammate Jackie Chelf.  Then this happens.

She’s minding her own business after a game and some idiot decides throwing a full bottle of water seems like the legitimate reaction to Arizona’s loss.


Johnson was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.

The Register-Guard has the latest health update on our favorite UO cheerleader.

Johnson, a Thurston High graduate, was resting at home with her family in that east Springfield neighborhood Sunday evening. Her mother, Lori, said Johnson was “doing a lot better, eating a little bit, drinking some.”

Johnson will spend “a few days” at home, her mother said, and won’t return to cheerleading until cleared by athletic department doctors. Johnson fainted after being struck in the head.

If you think a plastic water bottle is bad, you should see what a Oregon TV reporter found on the field.

A glass Jack Daniels bottle!

Now, we’re not against sneaking in a half-gallon of JD, but is it really necessary to throw such weaponry onto the field. And idiots wonder why schools are actually thinking of banning drinking at tailgates on their property.

Do you idiots really want to have to blow into a Breathalyzer – and not be over a certain level – to be allowed into a stadium?

That’s what will happen. Soon. Mark down this date. A school will take this exact measure in the next two years.You walk up to the gate and a security guard will be judging your level of intoxication. You appear like a drunk idiot and security dude will pick you out of line and ask you to blow.

Fail and your admission to the stadium will be denied.

[President apologizes for thrown water bottles]

[Johnson was vomiting]
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Katelynn (right)


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    1. Taint says:

      Here is some video of the ruckus that happened after the game. You can kind of see the bottles flying at the cheerleaders. http://www.fandome.com/video/116587/Bottles-Throw

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    6. Kevin says:

      She's pretty, no doubt. But dang, who is the brunette on the far right? Wow.

    7. BuddyChicken says:

      Here's the thing…nobody GIVES A SHIT.

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