Brooke Hundley Vs. ESPN War: ESPN Won’t Return My Sports Illustrated Collector’s Edition


We’ve been allowed access into the world of Brooke Hundley’s Facebook account and the disgraced former ESPN employee and Steve Phillips bed partner is opening up on the WWL for what she calls “childish antics” and claims the company wants to prevent her from gaining industry employment.

In a thread started yesterday morning, Hundley says that “ESPN has decided to take all my work from the season, my 20 yrs old collector’s edition SI, all my baseball media guides w/ contacts & my yankees stuff hostage.”

That’s right, she wants that SI back, dammit.


Hundley has remained silent in the media since a Good Morning America interview last week where she claimed to be sorry for all that has happened, but that hasn’t stopped her from being vocal on Facebook about ESPN and her treatment towards what she calls her belongings.

The now unemployed production assistant says ESPN isn’t helping her in a quest for that SI magazine.

ha no one will tell me where it is, they act like someone broke in boxed it up and ran away in the middle of the night, but aren’t willing to look into it.

And more.

and yeah it’s pretty obvious they’re just trying to prevent me from getting another job by hiding all the pieces I cut all season and all my contacts in the industry, but come on at least give me my Dwight Gooden SI back!

How about one more entry?

yeah the problem is it’s all video files, everything I do for ESPN is edited pieces on players they put on air, thankfully I made a copy of every game that aired with something I did in it, just going to be a pain not to have my reel.

In other great Hundley news, she claims “Oprah Winfrey show called/emailed me & fam 10 times 4 interview. I will meet the media queen someday, but it will be for something better.

This is like a dream come true. Mornings with Brooke. If only we could get this chick to write a daily post on BC. Don’t laugh. She’s unemployed.

[Brooke Hundley Facebook]

[Brooke Hundley – Steve Phillips Slampiece]


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    1. John says:

      I think in the last picture her friend laura should have followed Lesson Learned with don't bone a married on air personality and confront his wife when he breaks it off with you…not keep a copy of your work.

    2. Chris says:

      I don't know how that carousel horse is holding up under all that weight.

    3. John says:

      look at the expression on that horse..before she got on it was smiling

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    7. rolltide says:

      how could steve phillips have even wanted to hit that? that girl is more disgusting than eight guys blowing nine guys

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