Laura Vandervoort Bra And Panties ‘V’ (Photos) Scene Makes Us Ignore Basketball Games


So there we were flipping between basketball games and ABC’s new super-fantastic sorta sci-fy masterpiece, V, when a eureka moment in our evening occurred.

Laura Vandervoort, who plays Lisa (a hot, young seductive alien), has a bedroom scene with one of the Earthlings. We won’t bore you with the complete details but the teen boy isn’t supposed to have some alien invader in his mother’s house because she works for the F.B.I. and law enforcement isn’t down with such things.

So Laura (Supergirl in Smallville), being the smart alien that she is, gets out of her uniform and into something a little more enjoyable for all involved. Bra and panties.

Say hello to one of primetime TV’s highlights of 2009. Goodbye Jimmy Dykes and whatever ESPN game was on. Our attention had shifted.

A review from someone who does it for a living/because he/she is bored:

As far as that son, Logan Huffman’s Tyler, goes, his plot continued to involve his desire to get close to the V’s, his lusting after Laura Vandervoort’s Lisa and his goofy best friend (who really must be written out of the show) figuring out ways to get him closer. Lisa and Tyler make eyes over pizza at the pizza place she just happened to hear was the best ever (I assume Tyler told her this, if memory serves, and that she didn’t consult yelp.com or something). All of this was the usual boring boringness until the final moments, when Erica stumbled into their makeout session and when Lisa returned to the ship to reveal that Morena Baccarin’s Anna is her mom. The two have plans for Tyler, which I suppose could be predicted, but at least the whole thing indicated that Vandervoort’s performance is better than anyone gave her credit for, since she’s uncannily aping Baccarin’s performance.

Yes. Makeout session.

So we scoured the Internet this morning for screen caps and here you go for those who were busy watching Michigan State vs. the ‘Zags. (MSU won, 75-71)

And, of course, some bonus shots at the bottom from the Vandervoort bikini collection.

[Official Laura Vandervoort Website]





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