Underage Terrelle Pryor Hits (Photos) The Little Bar In Columbus (21 & Up)

Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor spent his weekend perusing photos of the post-Ohio State victory over Iowa and found Terrelle Pryor at a bar with something in his mouth (a rose?)and a little arm candy keeping him company.

That’s why this guy is a genius. Not Pryor. McGregor. He continues to land the big stories. Suck it, traditional media.

Back to Pryor. He’s looking a little drunken but who are we to jump to conclusions. College QB. 20. Biggest win of his career. Just saying.


Yep, that would be Terrelle Pryor at The Little Bar in Columbus after the Iowa win, according to McGregor.

Again, we’re not going to jump to conclusions but this is taken straight off the bars website. ALWAYS 21 & UP!

The Little Bar is Ohio State’s premier location for Saturday Buckeye games and Sunday’s NFL extravaganza. With full satellite television, including NFL, NBA and MLB Ticket access, you won’t miss a second of your favorite team’s action. In addition, enjoy our spacious outdoor patio or rent our exclusive V.I.P. loft for any special occasion. We have a state of the art jukebox with full web access so you can listen to your favorite tunes around the clock. The Little Bar is always 21 and over and proper dress is required.

Fellas, we’re not going to act like this is the end of the world, but why is Terrelle Pryor at a bar.

He’s 20. Born June 20, 1989.

Look, BC isn’t going to get all hypocritical. When this crew was underage there were several ways to get into the bars. Been there (too many years ago), done that.

But….we didn’t just win a Big Ten title and have one of the most recognized faces in Columbus. We have no idea what Pryor was doing at The Little Bar. Maybe he was just hanging out with his buddies enjoying some wings and watching highlights. With things going so well why even get close to a bar?

You decide.


(Why so much tagging? Just protecting our discovery, that’s all.)



That would be OSU third string RB Jordan Hall (freshman) with the same arm candy.



    1. Scott says:

      Yeah, because no 20 year-old has EVER been in a 21 and up bar…

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    3. Joe says:

      And over Jordan Hall's right shoulder on that last picture would be Senior OL Jimmy Cordle…….

    4. Joe says:

      Over her left shoulder…..

    5. J Koot says:

      Yeah, but Scott, that bar specifically states that it is 21 and up – always.

      You and I know this is a recipe for disaster for a team that seems to be getting its shit together.

    6. assman says:

      Is that Longo over Jordan's right shoulder?

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    9. fuckoff says:

      Why would you even try and ruin a team when they're doing well? You have no life and need to leave them alone. And where do you get off saying arm candy? What if that girl is just their friend, considering Pryor and Hall are both from the same High School. Think about that one.

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    11. Poe McKnoe says:

      That's a lot of Buckeyes. Corey Brown, Jim Cordle, Pryor, Hall, and Longo. I'll have to hit up Little Bar.

    12. joe schmoe says:

      or shes just a jersey chaser

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