(Photos) Sammy Sosa's Face Celebrates Birthday, Still Very White

f6ef8fc0Well, the Sammy Sosa PR machine continues it’s November parade across the country. The latest stop was Miami where he was sucking face with his wife at his birthday party.

We predict one more treatment and he’ll be a shade away from being Maggie Gyllenhaal.

There is also some Gayle King news snuck into this Sosa update. She’s not a lesbian. Oprah said so.

[The YBF]



    1. jackieb says:

      well, at least his wife still thinks he's hot.

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    3. Sammy Sosa looks like he is regurgitating food to his wife in that picture. That can't be enjoyable for her.

    4. meti says:

      even if i'm younger i'm really enforced to send this message for real comment is i'm sorry for such pictures w/c highly distributed all over the world .this may kill many younger of our world starting from me. but you may thougth over this by the way?????

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