Ohio State’s Robert Rose Gives "Suck It" BJ Sign Language To Penn State Fans

Ohio State senior defensive lineman Robert Rose was playing in his final game at Beaver Stadium on Saturday.

Rose wanted to leave Penn State fans with something to remember him. So he gave them the universal sign for “suck it.”

With hand motion and all. We so hope someones grandma was sitting in the front row.

Posted: Nov. 8, 2009

Premise of Video: Robert Rose has heard enough of your taunts, Stater. He has a message for all the fratties and the ladies of State College. Let’s party.

Climax of Video: The game sound is screwed up but you’ll get the idea at about the 11-second mark.

Conclusion: We hope he was aiming that dig at Staters and not the punter.

[HT: Thunder Treats]


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