Where In The World Is Jenn Brown? Catch The Future Erin Andrews Tomorrow On CBS Strikeforce


That shirt reads “I’m about to kick some guy’s ass.” Pretty simple, eh?

The “Jenn Brown Dominates The Second Half Of 2009” U.S. tour continues this Saturday as the future Erin Andrews handles hosting duties for the CBS Strikeforce event tomorrow night in Chicago.

Oh, yeah, and Fedor will make his American national TV debut. Pffftt….as if that matters.

We’re all about making Ms. Brown into a star because she knows sports and the legs in jeans melt our hearts.


Last Saturday in Eugene….this Saturday on national TV. On fire!

From the tweeting fingertips of Jenn Brown:

Just finished talking to Fedor about the fight on Saturday. I will be interviewing him and Brett (Rogers) before the fight

Is there anything this woman doesn’t have her hands on right now? Working for ESPNU, GameDay, HBO, CBS.

Are we missing something?

Seriously, there is no reason why Jenn Brown’s name isn’t on the tip of every straight American’s male’s tongue. She makes one more step to world domination on Saturday.

Oh, and Fedor wins easily in the 1st round. Should be quick, painful and embarrassing for Rogers.

[Jenn Brown – Twitter]

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