Aroldis Chapman (Photos) Has Lingerie Chicks On His Arms During Boston Visit

Aroldis Chapman (left), lingerie chick and MLB prospect Jose Carlos Thompson Lopez.

First, we must say thanks to the aptly named Stew from Big League Stew who tipped us off overnight about the gigantic-ly studly Cuban defector pitcher Aroldis Chapman and buddies hitting up some Boston (strip?) club where the ladies were clamoring for his arm.

But where Stew has to stop because of Yahoo! corporate lawyers, Busted Coverage will pick up the slack.

There are more photos from the Athletes Premier International Facebook account that were just added in the last 24 hours showing the future mega-millionaire (Yankees and Red Sox bidding war!) Chapman already enjoying the nightlife of Boston.


In a shocking twist to the usual recipe of bloggers breaking such photos, API got ahead of the Deadspins and Busted Coverages of the world and posted questionable photos that will obviously be picked up by the New York Post and Daily News.

Doesn’t seem like the best contract negotiation ploy ever, but we’re fans of this agency.

Estimates from back in July when Chapman defected had him possibly signing a contract between $30 and $60 million.

BC can only pray he uses some of that cash to keep making club visits and make it rain.

[Aroldis Chapman is enjoying his job-hunting visit to America]



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    1. Just must be his kind of style.

    2. J Koot says:

      What, the one with dreads and a ring through her nose?

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    6. HHR says:

      Whys there a dude in the back wearing a Snuggie?

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