From The Couch: Oklahoma Fan Lets Ass Crack Breath


If you are large, have serious plumber’s crack and happen to be porking out on corndogs and ice cream cones be sure Texas fan isn’t prowling behind you for a photo.

OU vs. Texas will once again be held at the Cotton Bowl while Jerry Jones looms as the prick in the room who’d love to steal this one away from the traditional location.

So eat away, enjoy the fair and don’t forget to send us pics from the fun.

Have an image we need to see? Post?


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    1. […] It’s Oklahoma/Texas weekend.  Also known as the biggest Fat Convention in the world, as fans of both schools converge on the Texas State Fair and mingle with the rest of the big fat f*cks that can be found wheezing and waddling around the Midway.  This game always provides lots of great pictures.  And I don’t mean of the game.  To prove my point: Here’s a big butt crack.  <bustedcoverage> […]

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