Cuff ‘Em: Jason Zeid Accusing Of Slapping That Sunbathing Florida Gator Ass

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jason-zeid-smallWhile people across the Northeast dig out from snow and folks in the Midwest start wearing their fleece, there are those people in Florida who are just trying to get some sunbathing in.

At the University of Florida, one guy decided slapping a chick’s ass while she was sunbathing was the right choice to make in life.

Sorry, brah, that’ll get you arrested.

The Independent Alligator (UF student newspaper) has the full details:

Police said a UF student was arrested Monday evening for slapping a sunbathing woman on the butt at the University Commons pool.

Jason Zeid, 27, approached a female who was lying out by the pool at the apartment complex Sunday around 3 p.m.

After making small talk, Zeid left but returned a few minutes later, at which point she asked him to leave again, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

He returned a third time and slapped her on the butt, according to the report.

In crazy land, Florida, this will land you in the county jail and lead to a mugshot on the Internet.

Zeid seems to be on a spree of annoying women and sorta crying out for one of them to possibly sleep with him.

Zeid also got in trouble for loitering outside the Delta Gamma Sorority house on Friday, according to the report.

He tried to talk to several members of the sorority and began to sing to them.

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