Daily Dump: Gina Carano Hand Bra, LSU-Florida Female Showdown, Tim Tebow Concussion Watch, Dez Bryant Visits Deion, Hilary Rhoda Leaked SI Photos, Sexy Cowgirls And Mariah’s Implants

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Listen, honey, how are we going to shoot with you all over that table?

Our first introduction to ladies of the south (of the Ohio River) was at a gas station where some piggish Kentucky looker was wearing a Florida State shirt that seemed to have gone about 3-4 months without a good washing.

Yes, we are now strategically positioned in SEC country with a short drive into the heart of Mississippi on the menu today.

That, and a rack of ribs. This sh!t better be as good as advertised or Guy Fieri is going to pay the price with bad reviews on Food Network message boards.



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