Daily Dump: Sexy Showdown Florida Vs. Texas, Alyonka Larinonov Loves Hockey, LSU Lineman Blows Milky Chunks, Kristin Cavallari Obsession And Carolina Oltra Looking For Shirt

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We’re not sure what they’re selling, but we’re browsing the products.

We’re back from a nice two-day actual weekend.

Took in 2 Detroit baseball games, watched as our Bengals tried to give the Browns their first win and had a few beers along the way. Not too bad at all.

No GameDay signs. Did you even watch this week? Boston, minus the cancer story, was a horrible choice and one that should never be repeated.

It is SEC Week for BC. We’ll be road tripping to Oxford, Miss. for the Ole Miss-Alabama tilt this Saturday. It’s going to be a busy week of travel and blogging madness. Stay tuned.



Today’s Dump:

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