From The Couch: Mississippi State Fans Caught Red Handed With Pesky Cow Bells

Wait, wha…., we thought cow bells were outlawed from SEC games!

You’ve been busted, fat boys. If the SEC can ban media outlets from twittering, blogging or otherwise being media-like, then they should be able to put a stop to Mississippi State fan trying to throw off LSU with their bells.

Oh, and then they lost.

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    1. CCC says:

      why are they banning bells?


      fans paid, so let them have fun

    2. J Koot says:

      LSU fans are claiming Miss. State was piping in crowd noise and that a coach has to complain about the cow bells before it would be a penalty.

    3. bud_fudlacker says:

      LSU claiming MSU was pumping in crowd noise? Christ, those are the biggest pile of crybaby, inbred trash I've ever seen.

      They tried some bogus propaganda against Ole Miss a few years ago – claiming that a lot of the OM trainers and players were yelling racial slurs at the black LSU players. What a bunch of damn toothless morons.

    4. […] Mississippi State Fans Caught Red Handed With Pesky Cow Bells […]

    5. Ganry61 says:

      From here we have almost ten minutes of scenes previously unseen by me, cut apparently to reduce the prestige A-picture, which flopped, into a zippy B-picture, which might make some money. ,

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