From The Couch: Get "Busted Coverage, Bitches" Sign Into College Football Game, Win Money

He’s referencing this fake field goal at 35-sec. mark.

It defies logic to how a person is frisked from head to toe going into a stadium and yet a college guy can get a dry erase board into a football game.

Take the above guy at the recent Georgia Tech – Clemson tilt who had a variety of comments for Clemson fan, including “1st down on your mom.”

We’re just throwing this out right now – you get a dry erase board into a college football game and put “Busted Coverage, Bitches!” on it, send 2 pics at different angles and we’ll pay you $25. If you shoot a video with a couple of chicks and the sign we’ll pay you an additional $25.

The challenge is on! (We can detect fakes so don’t waste your time.)

Have a pic you want to see on Busted Coverage, bitches?


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    2. whiteboardguy says:

      I'm the guy in the above pictures. I accept your challenge. And don't worry, I'll get both the pics and the video with the girls.

      How much if I can get it on the jumbotron? :-)

      PS- I did get whiteboard taken from me at the GT v. UNC game. I told the guy frisking me that it was too bad he let the dozen guys in front of me in with their flasks and he was going to keep me from showing school spirit. I then proceeded to steal it back from them at half time (with the help of some friends who distracted them).

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