How Drunk Is He? Canadian Football League Fan Climbs To Top Of Goal Posts, Survives Slide Down

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This is why football stadium operations directors should always butter their goal posts.


We’re talking about a guy (drunk 34-year-old) who scaled to the very top of the post at a Hamilton vs. Calgary game this past weekend.

If you think dropping posts is dangerous, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Posted: September 18, 2009

Premise of Video: (from vlogger) Sorry so shaky! I was really cold. Guy who climbed goal post at the Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Calgary Stampeders game, Sept. 18 at Ivor Wynne.

Climax of Video: The very beginning. Um, son, you might want to quit drinking, taking drugs, etc. The tightrope walk on the goal post is very impressive, too.

Conclusion: This guy must have ruled gym class rope climbing contests.

The local media was all over this one, even getting this comment from a police officer.

Hamilton police Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings was in the stands with her 11-year-old son. As the climber leaned back and appeared to nearly lose his grip a few times, she caught herself thinking about the possibility of her boy watching a man plummet to his death — those who were there know this wouldn’t have been a far-fetched ending — and quietly whispering, “Don’t fall, don’t fall.”

Her son would’ve never forgotten this game.

“Mom, remember that time I asked to see an NFL game and you took me to the Hamilton game instead?”

“You’re the best mom ever!”

Is there a CFL protocol for handling games where a guy fell to his death after climbing goal posts?


“We’d have to suspend play and then make a determination of how we’re going to handle it,” (an official) says.

Yeah, this would probably create some interesting issues, like how to handle the psyche of the quarterback after watching a guy plummet. And the cheerleaders.

You’d need to bring in counselors.

Just so many issues. Our solution. Butter your goal posts.

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