LSU Tailgating: "Get Joel A Beer, It'll Make Him Feel Better."

lsu-fan-joel-beerWe love LSU fan. Has that been stated on here before?

Anyway, the Tiger fans are starting to hit their stride in the drinking department. Today we meet tailgating Joel who really needs a beer to make him vomit the beer and booze he’s been consuming over the last 24 hours.

Watch as good citizens help him out and then proclaim to make him a YouTube star.

Posted: Sept. 20, 2009

Premise of Video: LSU is playing Louisiana-Lafayette so it is required that fans get plastered enough to sit through a drubbing without losing the buzz. Joel, the guy you’ll see who is near death, might be a firefighter according to the vlogger.

Climax of the Video: “Get ’em a beer, it’ll make him feel better.” That is the advice of the guy proclaiming to make Joel a YouTube star. Runner-up: the trash can going down with the firefighter and then the chick faux humping him. Nice.

Conclusion: Keep ’em coming, LSU fan. We’ll get you 1k hits, or so. Sports By Brooks, always trolling this site for the unique story, will come in, get the video and you’ll be a star.

[More of drunken LSU fans at Friends of the Program]

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    1. […] Most football fans in Louisiana are worthless, redneck swamp trash.  The absolute worst people in the world.  Outside of West Virginia.  I recently wrote something to this effect, and caught hell from some Swampies.  In this video, here are just a few choice lines offered to an inebriated LSU fan, from other LSU fans.  “Waas it worth eet?”,  “Eet’s okay, we’re all paramedics. If he dies, we’ll fix it.”,  ”Youtube baby!”,  ”Get ‘em a beer, eet’ll make ‘em feel better.”,  “Beer is better… C’mon now.  It makes you vomit more.”  I rest my f*cking case.  <bustedcoverage> […]

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