Daily Dump: Guess The Athlete Butt, Piss On Lane Kiffin’s Mug, Jay Glazer Gets Bloody, Another Awesome MMA Cut, Russian Basketball Cheerleaders, Miranda Kerr Exercise Video And The Hiney Can

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Audrey is always a BC favorite. Now vote if she’s hot or not.

Quick review of last nights 9-10 time slot on NBC.


The Office has always been in our wheelhouse, but Community actually works into our lives very nicely. Did you know Joel McHale was a tight end at Washington? Sports trivia of the day.

The show is actually funny and doesn’t try so hard like Parks & Recreation.

In other news, GameDay is in Austin. We hear things are rocking down there. BC will have the pics tomorrow morning.



Today’s Dump:

…we get today started with news of a breathing sex doll! [Asylum]

The game you’ll love – Guess The Athlete Butt [InGameNow]

Take a leak on Lane Kiffin’s mug in Gainesville [EDSBS]

Um, second best MMA cut of the week! That is going to scar [NFL Juice]

Speaking of cuts…Jay Glazer has a new one to show you [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Granola eating profs at Colorado calling out CU football [Dr. Saturday]

Lane Kiffin vs. Sarah Palin – Tale of the Tape [Buster Sports]

Russian basketball cheerleaders are mail-order marriage material [DJ Mick]

Pretty Cool Fictional Read: A Day In The Life Of Bobby Cox [Style Points]

For the guy who can’t afford a Lamborghini but can buy the bed [The Bachelor Guy]

25 Great Lost & Found Signs. A Gallery. [Holy Taco]

20 Pics That Prove Women Can’t Drive [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

60 Pics Of Women With Cold Temperature Gauges [Coed]

…while on that topic….Mariah Carey. [CelebSlam]

The exercise video to buy because Miranda Kerr does this [Don Chavez]

Jesikah Maximus just another chick with a fake name, fake rack [on205th]

Sonya Lee said ‘Give me the boobs that look like beach balls’ [Uncoached]

Look, darling, let’s cut to the chase. Wanna move your hands? [Funtasticus]

Jennifer Aniston let’s ’em breath at some premiere [City Rag]

Remember Katherine McPhee? Yep, looks much different these days [UseMyComputer]

…and we close it down with a beer can that doubles as a piece of ass [Sublime Blog]