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From The Couch: Ben-Gals Cheerleaders Pull A Song Girls FAIL, Cheer For Immaculate Deflection!

You’d think cheerleaders would be required to pass color identification tests.

“Please identify burnt orange.”

“Please identify Bengals orange.”

Our buddy Mo a radio talking head at 1530 in Cincinnati had the above picture sent to him and is still dealing with Bengals fan today who wants to make it all end. The losses. The management. The Steelers. The horrible draft picks. The Chris Henry DUI videos. Mike Brown. Etc.

And then this.

The Ben-Gals captured cheering for Stokely’s Immaculate Deflection touchdown reception.

To put this all into perspective, Esquire had a reporter call up a Ben-Gals cheerleader Tara Wilson and get an interview less than 24 hours after this huge disaster.

Um, so, how did the cheerleaders feel about this horrible loss?

After Cedric Benson’s touchdown in the last minute, we were totally psyched. It feels different in the stadium this year. With Hard Knocks and the changes the team has made, we were so hopeful. When that ball landed in Stokley’s arms, and he ran right across the goal line, waiting to go into the end zone, it just took the wind out of me. And then our sound guy plays two or three songs back to back, and I was like, I don’t even want to dance right now.

You don’t even want to dance right now?!?

What the hell do you call that photo above. Someone was shaking it.

Someone cheering as Stokely ran into Bengals lore and probably guaranteed another losing record after this team implodes.

But it gets better, people. The ladies were required to dance, according to Wilson (in photo below)!

ESQ: You had to keep dancing?

TW: Oh, yeah. I have a little sheet in a fliptop wristband — just like a QB — and I call the different dances out to the girls in my corner of the field. It was really hard to keep smiling. The crowd was so loud, we had the hardest time hearing each other the whole game. And then when that happened, it was silent. I could have whispered to the girls.

This would be our walking papers.

Required to dance?

After one of the worst losses in NFL history?

Only in Cincinnati, folks. Only Mike Brown’s team.

[Monday Morning Cheerleader: Tara Willson of the Cincinnati Bengals]



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    2. Jade says:

      Typical example of the media taking something out of context. First, the Ben-Gals dance when music comes on. Period. And we dance the entire time the music is on. Period. We don't just dance when the Bengals are ahead, or vice versa. To be completely honest, we are so busy during the games, we don't get to watch much of the game. We are there for the fans, and to entertain the fans. We entertain the fans regardless of the score. Second, the cheerleaders above were doing what we call a "down." In other words, if it is first down, we turn towards the field and hold a certain pose during the entire down. It is not cheering for the other team. The girls in the picture above were simply doing the motion corresponding to the down. Third, we are required to smile at all times. There are no exceptions. Again, this is because we are there to entertain the fans. If we made ugly faces when the Bengals were losing, or for bad plays, you would probably put that on your blog as a criticism, as well. Thank you.

    3. Todd says:

      Hey J. Koot,
      Now that it's 11 weeks later, how do you feel about Mike Brown's Bengals? Hmmm…. Since this fluke play, the Bengals have gone 8-2. I don't see you writing about that. And about the Ben-gals cheerleaders dancing and smiling during/after the play… what do you expect them to do? Start running amuck and throwing things around in anger. You're an idiot. It's just like people like you to bring up things that happened years ago like the Chris Henry DUI thing. Hope you never need a second chance in life. The Bengals and the Ben-Gals are the best in the NFL…

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