USF’s Tiffany Blevins Takes Early Lead Over Amanda Pflugrad In Athlon Cheerleader Contest

We’d hump her arm, too. Spoiler alert – Tiffany is in a relationship.

Update (09-02-09): 2,600 vote lead!

Update (09-01-09): Blevins busts loose for a 1,600 vote lead! Take that, Pflugrad.

We bring you this news with a smirk on our faces.

University of Oregon’s Amanda Pflugrad, even with massive name recognition and get out the vote effort, trails in the race to become the 2009 Athlon Spirit Contest winner. University of South Florida Bulls cheerleader Tiffany Blevins, thanks to a massive Facebook campaign, has taken a 1k vote lead over the UO complainer.

You might remember the Pflugrad-Busted Coverage showdown last week where the Ducks cheerleader claimed the administration could possibly yank her scholarship over bikini photos. We think she was yanking our chain.

So, of course we are rooting for Blevins to bury her biggest opponent.


Here is why we are demanding out readers vote for Blevins: so Pflugrad loses.

Does Blevins really deserve this crown? Not really. She has a boyfriend which ruins many of our fantasies. But, we figure that if she wins there might be a chance some of the Bulls’ cheerleaders will give us the time of day on Facebook which could mean Internet gold.

Other competitors competing for this awesome college crown: Alexia Zonfrelli (Boston College), Jen Norris (Troy), Sidney McGough (Alabama), Nicole DeMarco (Michigan State) and Emily Kempf (Kansas).

Vote accordingly, but not for Pflugrad.

[Athlon Sideline Spirit Contest! Yeaahh!]







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    1. Mike says:

      This girl is ugly, what are you guys talking about?

    2. aaaa says:

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    5. the authority. says:

      SHES BUTT UGLY!! wow. how shes even winning is beyond me.

      Amanda Pflugrad is easily the hottest cheerleader of all those girls combined. shes quite possibly the hottest girl in the world.

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