USC Song Girls Fight On Without Internet Sensation Lindsey Grubbs

lindsey-grubbs-usc-song-girl copy

The day was bound to bring tears to men’s eyes.

We hate to bring you the bad news, Ohio State fans, but Lindsey Michelle Grubbs won’t be shaking it in Columbus for the USC game.

The Song Girl BC helped make world famous is history. Onto bigger and better things. In our eyes: stardom.


2009 squad. Grubbs officially turns in sweater.

Our tipster on all things Grubbs reports:

The Song Girls website has posted a new picture of the 2009 squad and the legendary Lindsey Grubbs is suddenly no longer on the squad.

She was on the 2009 squad when it debuted in January and through to the spring football game. Now, she’s mysteriously disappeared.

Now we may have to hire our sweaty, freelance Indian researchers to go I-Team on this news. A quick look into the Grubbs file reveals a ’10 graduation date according to her Facebook page.

Maybe she is pulling a Sanchez and turning pro early. Who knows.

Have news we need on the mysterious Grubbs case? Pass it along.


We’re serious, the Song Girls are actually coming to Columbus for the Trojans visit.

[Lindsey Grubbs Teams With USC Song Girls For Backdoor Pilot Of ‘Hot Girls In Scary Places’]






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    1. Ron Jeremy Stunt Dou says:

      Going to miss those melons.

      That's all.

    2. kyle says:

      She was also at Swim with Mike this year. An absolutely hot body with no peers. A damn tragedy!

    3. HHYC says:

      What's with Big Bird in that squad picture

    4. J Koot says:

      She's at least 6-1 from the look of that pic.

      Easily the biggest behemoth Song Girl since Natalie Nelson roamed the sidelines.

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