Daily Dump: Bears-Broncos Cutler Suck-Off-Fest, Brett Favre & Ladies, No Bikinis At Chicago AVP, Indy Grid Girls Not Cold, Uzbekistan Chick And Some New Krupa

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Touch the toes trick works every time. Don’t miss Nadine vs. Nadine!

It was one of those weekends. One of the parents stopped into BC HQ for a visit. We were totally pissed at DreamHost’s suck-ass hosting service so BC took a three-day weekend to prepare our livers for Thursday night’s festivities.

Then we saw that the Boise-Oregon game doesn’t start until 10:15 PM! You mean us East Coast football fans have to stay up past Letterman to catch the end of a game? Bullshit.

In other news, there is a big f@cking Verizon ad at the top of the page today. Advertisers such as LG keep this operation humming along. Don’t be afraid to give them some love.





Today’s Dump:

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