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Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Debut 2009-2010 Bikini Calendar With Bikini Runway Show

Last night was the annual evening where the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders unveil their bikini calendar for the millions of men who buy such things.

Ally, also known as the hot Titans cheerleader with the weird looking boyfriend, is in this year’s calendar.

Other than that there isn’t much news to report other than the calendar can now be purchased and put up in the man cave.

Pics of last night’s action after the jump.













    1. Isaac says:

      Was this the work of Big Gay Rich undercover?

    2. J Koot says:

      He heard bikini show in a garage and thought it was some sort of gay crazy shit you'd see in Greenwich.

    3. Ron Jeremy Stunt Dou says:

      Is that the Steve McNair memorial patch over the left breast?

      If so, that is very nice of them to honor him before stripping off the jerseys.

      Only thing better would have been if Steve could have cheated on his wife with one of them.

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    6. Dean says:

      Wow Isaac and J Koot..there are beautiful women on the stage at this site and all you two are thinking about is man on man action..yall are sick..why did you even come here..

    7. numnut says:

      I love how in the second picture the broad is wearing Kerry Collins' jersey. Like, hey miss, he's soooo 2007.

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