Tampa Media Scribe Questions Timing Of Erin Andrews Sex Tape & GQ Pics

6a00d83451b05569e20120a55b29a9970c-piExcuse Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times. He’s a little behind on all this Erin Andrews news that is piling up.

Let’s say you were a famous female sports reporter caught in an illegally made peephole video showing you in the nude in your hotel room. How much time should pass before you’re featured in a magazine pictorial showing football players ogling you on a pedestal?

You can see where this one is going. Oh, shit. He didn’t? He did. Um, Eric, those GQ pics. Yeah, shot back in April brah.

[Tampa Bay Online]

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    1. MoonDog says:

      How dare he attempt to soil the wholesome goodness of Erin page views. I say we draw and quarter the basterd ingloriously.

      1. J Koot says:

        He's obviously gay.

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