Cuff ‘Em: Father Teaches Football Playing Son A Lesson, Throws Him Across Fence Onto Ground

football-hooligan-training-camp-for-kidsIt was just about time a father in West Virginia made an appearance on Cuff ‘Em.

This guy, Troy P. Sexton, was at his 6-year-olds football practice when he grabbed the boy by the ankles and carried him across a field as the kid’s head (wearing helmet) hit his head on the ground.

A witness yelled “You can’t do that to a child!”, to which Sexton allegedly replied, “Mind your own f—ing business!”

Yes, West Virginia, we love you!

[WV Gazette]

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    1. […] Sexton is the same father we told you about yesterday who last week was, allegedly, beating his kids at football practice. Police say the 36-year-old Beimel superfan carried one son across the football field by his ankles, causing the boy to bang his helmeted head on the ground. […]

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