Of Course Philly UFC Fans Punched Each Other Last Night

philly-ufc-crowd-fightWe went to the bar to watch UFC 101 and couldn’t help but yawn consistently around midnight. Could Dana have picked a worse undercard.

Putting Silva up against Griffin just wasn’t fair. We actually caught sight some woman crying after Forrest was pummeled and pretty much said ‘uncle.’

Philly fans, likely frustrated by the level of competition, took the brawling into their own hands.

Posted: August 8, 2009

Premise of Video: (from vlogger) A big fight breaks out in the crown during UFC 101. Its not all of it, but most of it.

Climax of Video: It appears about half way through that a woman launches a huge right hand. Without good lighting it’s impossible to be 100% but it makes the story much better. Lots of punches thrown. Maybe a couple connected. Way more than Griffin managed on Silva.

Conclusion: If we paid hundreds of dollars for last night’s show we’d be pissed, too. Not a good showing from the UFC boys.

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    1. […] Course Philly UFC Fans Punched Each Other Last […]

    2. Anton says:

      I was there Saturday. She POUNDED that girl. Was at least 5 rights. A couple were more like hammer fists.

      It was a pretty boring card, but the first fight was fine except for the stoppage, and Sotoropolis was a beast. Silva made up for it all though.

      Also was a 4 man brawl on the street while the 4 billion people were waiting for taxi's.

      One guy ended up majorly sucker punching another, which made more people get involved. I helped drag the sucker punched guy away (had a concussion I'd imagine, his head bounced off the cement).

      Cop pulled off, they scattered, he didn't bother to get out of his car.

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