Nightcapper: Lady Gaga Has A Penis?


Here you go, Busted Coverage freaks. Your weekend homework assignment.

Does Lady Gaga have a penis between those legs?

The Internet is abuzz. ABC News is covering this from every angle. Her management team says f@ck off. Gaga once mentioned, according to, that she was packing heat down below.

Of course we’re making your curious ass click through to see the goods.

Starting at about 1:10 you can start to get a glimpse of the action.

We’ve looked at this one about 10 times to build our case that that ‘thing’ isn’t just some random piece of material going on down there.

We sent the video over to Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich for further observation. He knows penis and said it’s either a piece of meat or a strap-on.

The man knows both. Personally.

–enjoy your weekend. We may be around, or not. Check your chicks for dicks.

Sage advice.


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    1. Kevin says:

      You couldn't have said it much better "WTF"

      why in the world would she wear short skirts. jeez.

      Thank god I never thought this chick was hot.

    2. Cesar says:

      Well.. She has a weird face. 0_o Sometimes i wonder "why not?" Nowadays everythin is possible!

    3. Candy warhol says:

      Oookay and so what if she was all that matters is, is that she makes good music is good to her fans. It shouldn't matter what's between her legs and anyway I had a feeling that was a strap on cause they look like that.

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