Cuff ‘Em: H.S. Cheerleaders Admit To Dropping Ecstasy, Get 3-Game Suspension

3474478000_0a83c44d53Manny Ramirez injects who knows what into his ass. David Ortiz doesn’t know what GNC is giving him. Rashard Lewis made a mistake and didn’t know what was going into his body.

Folks, we all should be like the five Lewisville, Texas cheerleaders this week who admitted they were pounding Ecstasy at a cheer camp last weekend. The name of the camp? Excite!

The admission led to the three-game suspension and all will be forgotten. Meanwhile, the suburban white parents go back to pounding their Vicodin and Percs.

[Dallas Morning News]

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    1. […] Some high school cheerleaders got busted for taking ecstasy at a cheer camp.  High school drug-hazed sexed-craving cheerleaders?  If there’s not already a porn in production with this theme then I am highly disappointed in America’s smut factories.  <bustedcoverage> […]

    2. […] Yesterday it was the boys and girls in Lewisville, Texas dropping X at some cheerleading camp. […]

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