For The Ladies & OutSports.com: Tim Tebow’s Bulging, Sweaty Muscles At Gator Charity Challenge


He has been on hiatus but makes a return splash this morning for our female and gay readers.

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich left a giggly, stuttering message on the work voicemail this morning.

“Hey guys!”

“I found some Tebow photos the readers will enjoy. I know I have….heeeeheeeheee.”

Um, thanks. Our pageviews will start showing visits from CollegeCandy.com and OutSports.com by Noon at the latest.


Tebow and the guys got all bulgy and wet this past Friday night as the Florida Gators held its Gator Charity Challenge.

The charity fundraiser, which was initiated prior to the 2008 season, featured the 2009 Gator squad challenging each other in a series of three strength competitions, including the tire flip, sled push and obstacle course.

Afterwards, the guys sucked down some strawberry smoothies and reminisced about how their muscles were ripped about to snap from the challenge.

The linebackers and strong safeties chatted about getting showers and going to the girlfriend’s place for massages and sex.

Tebow covered his ears. Ear muffs.

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    1. Gator Becky says:

      I'd so have his children.

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    3. David Bennett says:

      I'm not gay or anything, but I have to say, Tim Tebow is one big, strong, sexy, manly, dude! Any photos from that same event of his fine, muscular caboose?

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