BC Investigation: Matthew Stafford’s Georgia Cheerleader WAG Sportin’ Implants?

Kelly before her boyfriend became the #1 NFL draft pick. After the signing bonus.




Say hello, America, to the newest WAG stealing the hearts and minds of men who frequent SEC message boards and blogs.

Kelly Hall, a Georgia cheerleader and Matthew Stafford girlfriend, is officially on the national scene thanks to those boozy, bikini, red cup boat party photos that surfaced last week.

When the pics surfaced there were many questions that arose:

“Which one is Stafford feeding the Greektown Gyro?”

“Detroit girls look like that?”

“Which one of them is going to get half in a nasty divorce 4-6 years from now?”


So, as any reputable blog would do, BC sent out its bulldog investigators to figure out this puzzle.

…tooting own horn….our bulldogs don’t quit until the story comes home.


What we found might surprise most men who’ve always dreamt about being a top ten draft pick with a signing bonus slapped into your hands.

Stafford’s girlfriend is just a junior at Georgia. Imagine having all that pressure, money and power and your girlfriend is 12 hours south via I-75 or a 2.5 flight while you are having your head beat in by the NFC Central powers. We’d snap four days after the bye week.

Anyway, let’s delve deeper into this Hall chick, shall we?

The vitals:

– Cheerleader. Check.

– In high school she hung out with the…..jocks.

– Clubs she’s involved with at UGA? KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, I’M SO GLAD THAT I AMMA!! (her words, not ours)

– Pets? three dogs and I really do not like them (how sweet!)

You get the idea. She’s a cheerleader, not a neurosurgeon.

But the REALLY BIG reason we’re all here is the rack. Even our gay photo editor about pissed his pants laughing at this one. He doesn’t spend time looking at boobs like pieces of art and agreed that she went from a minuscule, sporty B to a large C.

Kudos to Stafford for spending his bonus money on things that really matter to men – a woman’s chest.

[2009-2010 Georgia Cheerleaders]

[Matthew Stafford Loves Ladies – World of Isaac]



[Photo: OnlineAthens]




    1. Ron Jeremy Stunt Dou says:

      Boobs? Plural?

      Doesn't appear you could slide a pencil dick between those monsters.

    2. nfljim says:

      Damn shes fine, helps to be a QB because that dork couldnt get near her with the 36 million he got in the bank

    3. I love that y'all always take the investigation to the next level. there was a story here (beyond what's been seen and heard) that needed to be told. now, it has been, and the world is a better place (or something).

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    13. O g says:

      She is the sister of Philadelphia Eagles WR Chad Hall. They’re still together.

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