UL’s Steve Kragthorpe Didn’t Actually Twitter About Erin Andrews’ Videos, School Officially Pissed

The fake coach Twitter account craze has made its way to the University of Louisville and got attention after a single fake Steve Kragthorpe comment about the Erin Andrews’ videos.

Look, we have no idea whether Steve has taken a look at the very real and naked Erin Andrews.

But this Twitter account is fraud and UL has had enough, according to Louisville media reports. RRWWWWRRRRR!!


Of course the university has its bulldog lawyers in hot pursuit of this jokester.

We’ve been in contact with Twitter,” U of L spokesman Rocco Gasparro said. “We sent them all the fake accounts that we’re aware of trying to get those suspended immediately.”

“We’re trying to get all of them shut down because some of them are very vulgar and a little absurd,” Gasparro said.

Yeah, you punk(s). This school is tired of your comments such as I think after a day of August practice and a dinner at taco bell Mark Mangino would have the hottest seat in college ball lol J/k man.”

We happen to think this is brilliant comedy.

It’s unclear why UL is suddenly pissed. This charade has been going on for months.

From May 21:

Hittin the recruiting trail…who doesn’t love suckin up to 16 year olds in 90 degree heat?!

So, if you kid about the Erin Andrews videos the University of Louisville will have you shut down. You’ve been warned UK fan.

[U of L wants plug pulled on fake coach Twitter accounts]


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    1. Bruce Pearl's F says:

      Kragthorpe is correct. Those videos are the greatest.

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