David Ortiz Injected His Ass With Something Other Than Chili Cheese Dogs

Yes, that is a spinach shirt. Kudos, douchebag.

As for you fans saying “How could he?” “It’s Big Papi, brah.”

Keep drinking the juice Sox fan. Enjoy having an asterisk next to that World Series championship. Your boys were slamming needles into their ass all the way to a victory parade.

[NY Times]

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    1. rob says:

      don't be such an asshat. this is an old story. who gives a shit. all of baseball has an asterisk. grow up. every single team has players "slamming needles in their asses" as you so eloquently put it.

      if you are so concerned with asterisks next to championships you probably should stop watching baseball. until comprehensive testing is supported by the players union this is the game we got. anybody who knew anything about baseball knew manny papi nixon tek and many other players were on juice.

      it doesn't diminish the world series championships though because essentially the playing field was level because of the sheer number of mlb'ers on juice. if every team has both pitchers and position players on juice (as they obviously did/do) then the level of competition is essentially equal and it makes no sense to asterisk one team and not another. bottom line all stats and championships from this era of ball will be "tainted".

    2. J Koot says:


      You are so right. All the titles in the period are tainted which should make Boston fan feel much better about themselves.

    3. Ron Jeremy Stunt Dou says:

      To my boy Rob….

      It's tainted.

      And I still want to drill Heidi Watney.


    4. rob says:

      not saying it makes anyone feel better. just a fact of where baseball is at right now. don't think it's a very creative story to write that championships are tainted in an era of unprecedented PED abuse.

      and regardless it's not like the sox were the only team with players using PED's. my point was because of the number of users, no team has a clear advantage over another so to cherry pick which teams are tainted and which aren't is fairly futile. they are all tainted.

      it goes to the heart of baseball and the players union refusing to care enough about the sport and the storied history of it to allow comprehensive testing. until then the game we watch and the teams we follow are fakes. doesn't mean I don't like to watch just means it's stupid to single out one team over another. especially with a gotcha story that is old news.

    5. Sox Smelly Taint says:

      Oh, it makes it much more fun to single out the Sox on this one…

      They can't win a Series for 100 years and then get one with a bunch of roided behemoths.

      I love it!

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