If Only Yankees-Red Sox Started Games Like This


Not a big fan of New Zealand’s national softball fan?

Didn’t know New Zealand had an internationally acclaimed softball team? You are about to see one of the greatest pre-game rituals in all of sports.

The Mexicans watching this finally found something scarier than Fox News and Congressional Republicans.

Video after the jump.

Posted: July 19, 2009

Premise of Video: (from another vlogger explaining this terrifying situation) The New Zealand Black Sox have a tradition that they continue prior to each one of their games. Although this is a part of the Maori culture dating back to the late-1800s, the “haka” has become a ritual that fans from all nations look forward to seeing before the defending champs’ games.

Climax of Video: Um, it’s all pretty good.

Conclusion: Yankees-Red Sox…..please….just one time…..for the fans? Jeter…let’s make this happen.

[New Zealand team lords of the dance]

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    1. Johnnie says:

      I think the All Blacks do it better

    2. Bob says:

      This is a traditional Mauri (native new zealand people) war dance called the hakka. ALL of their sports teams perform this dance.

    3. Jon says:

      Yeah, that is actually a weak haka compared to the All Blacks. The rugby dudes are all huge unlike the softball players, and you know that once the game starts they can actually hurt you (again, unlike the softball players).

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