Rick's Cabaret Fields America's Hottest Women's Softball Team


Our friend Lonnie Hanover over at Rick’s Cabaret has been pretty quiet over the last few months.

He usually sends BC some sort of update on the strippers befriending a famous athlete or other tidbits of gossip that might become viral in the blogosphere.

Now we know why the guy has been silent. He’s been putting together a stripper softball team full of Rick’s ladies who compete against all-male teams and then give them post-game lap dances at the club.

Lonnie is the Brian Cashman of Softball Poon®. The Billy Beane of bush. The Theo Epstein of strippers.

He has built “America’s Hottest Women’s Softball Team” and we are accepting all competitors to step forward.


The initial email we received from Lonnie explained how the strippers took on the douches from Fox News last week in a game where the douches acted like douches and did a bunch of douchey commentary where they acted even douchier.

But what the Fox News morons forgot to do was introduce the ladies by position.

Like we care what John Gibson thinks of the eye black. More shots of the strippers, you douches.

Anyway, Lonnie snapped into action and gives us his lineup card minus a third baseman (no names to protect the ladies from

* Get your ass over to Rick’s and ask to be introduced to the starting lineup. That should be a party. Tell Lonnie Busted Coverage sent you.

50 W 33rd St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 372-0850












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    2. shumpdawg says:

      this post is useless without uncensored pictures!

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