Amanda Rodrigues Might Have Killed Arturo Gatti, Will Sports By Geraldo Discover Bikini Photos?

Another weekend that figured to be quiet. Another famous athlete who was likely/possibly/maybe killed by his chick.

As a friend’s wife told us over the weekend, “Make sure you know who you are marrying.” And then she repeated it 3-4 times.

After we saw the news that Arturo Gatti was knocked off it was point taken. His wife has been arrested for the murder, leaving us only one question:

Will Sports By Geraldo work his connections (i.e. Facebook & MySpace accounts) to obtain bikini photos of Amanda spreading it inside a boxing ring?


After a brief look into SBG’s weekend doings, it seems he was busy compiling a Venice Beach photo dump while Gatti was getting the purse strap.

A few questions we want Sports by Geraldo to investigate:

• Is is possible Amanda was secretly screwing Mark Sanford and wanted to off Gatti so the two of them could enjoy a Brazilian vacation?

• Are there bikini photos of Amanda because we are busy building a photo gallery of hot chicks from the Summer of Murder?

• Are there any rap songs out there dedicated to the murder of Gatti?


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    1. bikini says:

      The votes are in, and half of the contenders for hottest bikini body of 2009 are moving on to round two

    2. tecmo says:


      The rap song will be done by Micky Ward

    3. Bravo. This made me laugh pretty hard.

    4. Sam Brown says:

      The new standard of evidence that all Canadian Courts must now follow, is that balance of probalities. By that standard, reasonable Canadan can conclude that the wife murder Artuo Gatti. The motive is money.

      It my understand that only two Canadain boxers have had total boxing income of over 30 million. There are: Lewis, and Gatti. It must be understood that ther is conclusive evidence that Gatti and wife were heading for a split. Such a split would not be expensive because Gatti purses were pre-existing before marriage. Moreover, the wife was a striper.

      It should also be noted that Gatti had received over 16,000 punches in his pro boxing career.

      Given the known facts, I see no way for this death to be considered a suicide. The person who had extreme move to muder Gatti was in the appartment at the time of his death. There was no suicide note. The whole notion that a Canadian man would fly to Brazil to commit suicide is silly in the extreme. He could have committed su icide in Canada, or 190 other nations. Brizal was the courty of the wife.

      Any death in Canada or the USA of Gatti would have been carefully examined.

      Canadian men do not fly to Brazil to hang themselve with a woman's purse. However, a purse is a common tool of the wife. Who is named in the suprise will? Why is a there a suprize million dollar insurance police on the life of Gatti? Who is the only people who would benifet from the death of Gatti?

    5. Jose Rodriguez says:

      I knew and worked with Arturo with his cutman, Joe Souza and attended all his fights. However, I would like to obtain his latest pictures of his wedding and right before his death. I saw your pictures and they are wonderful. Need to heard from you about Arturo's photos.

    6. Brigid Menke says:

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