College Football ’09 Countdown: University Of Arizona Bikini Model Likes High-Powered Rifles

We continue our 16-part series “College Football Countdown ‘09″ with a look at former University of Arizona volleyball player turned Tempe12 bikini model, Kara Bauman.

Nothing gets Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor excited like a hot (female) athlete who can handle a gun.

Art reports, “She’s also a fierce advocate of the Second Amendment.”


Maybe this wasn’t the week to profile a bikini model who can handle guns, but like we care about that whole McNair situation.

This is a college senior who knows what she’s doing and is responsible with her guns unlike some wacko waitress from Dave and Buster’s.

Just look at the following photos. If you were going to trust a hot chick with a weapon, it would be in the hands of Kara.

We urge all of the Republicans who think the Democrats are going to take your guns to send this post to your representative. Or attach it to your email chain letters.

BC could use the hits.

“College Football Countdown ‘09″

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    1. Kevin says:

      She is hot but that rifle scares me. Lol

    2. J Koot says:

      She didn't have any photos of her and handcuffs.

    3. Kevin says:

      Dang, I was hoping to see one of those.
      Gun and handcuffs = heaven

    4. […] photos than you can shake a stick at. Not your stick though, since she’s underaged. Wink -Former University of Arizona volleyball player + bikini = win -This is quite the amateur ass in booty shorts -Hayden Panettiere’s dress is quite […]

    5. jkoot says:

      Ever get a chick at Purdue to put you in handcuffs?

    6. […] Click on the photo for more of the gun toting bikini model […]

    7. Kevin says:



    8. […] This college senior likes toting her guns, and you can see more gun toting chicks here. […]

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