Anna Kournikova Spends Wednesday In D.C. Making Kid's Dream Come True


She’s not showing any scratches or black eyes from the brawl in Las Vegas.

Fear not, Anna Kournikova is still hot yesterday at some kid’s clinic in D.C. where little boys had no idea they were being touched by the Lord’s gift to tennis and humanity.

She was in town for some World Tennis blah, blah, blah. Fans actually paid money to be in the same arena with Ms. Hotness.

“A lot of people think it’s just her looks, and I get irritated because she has a lot of accomplishments,” (Billie Jean) King said. “She’s a great athlete, and God happened to give her great looks as well. It’s great for branding. She’s still very popular; it’s amazing.”

Of course the lesbian likes to have some eye candy around, too. It’s a platform that guys and Billie Jean can agree on.
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    1. Kevin says:

      Well isn't she just a good role model

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