Daily Dump: FIU Cheerleaders Save Team With Bikini Car Wash, Kournikova At HardBat Classic, Erin Andrews’ Road To Glory, Joanna Krupa’s Sister, Jose Guillen’s Ingrown Nail And Brad Garrett’s Ridiculous Girlfriend

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Jessica is a WAG who dabbles in karate.

No sports last night.

Somehow I got into the train wreck that is the Bachelorette. Yeah, really gay TV for a Monday night. But it’s a holiday week that is usually filled with baseball and beer. Had to queer it up a little.

What the hell is with these dudes crying like they are 10? Over that chick?

Guys walking around life with 16-pack abs, Hollywood hair and great jobs act like women won’t date them. Tell that to a bunch of fat guys eating ice cream and watching your stupid show.




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