Cuff ‘Em: Ohio High School Football Coach Loren Meadows Likes ‘Em Young, Unzipped, On His Lap, Fuzz Claims

Update: Loren was arrested on the morning of his one-month wedding anniversary. And….to add to the issues in his life, this teen was his family babysitter. And…..says he was waiting to have intercourse with her until she turned 18. That should make his new wife feel better.

Chris Hanson would like to have a chat with this coach.

This is a good one. A really good football coach bust. Probably one that you’ll be seeing in our year end Best Of Cuff ‘Em’s.

Meet Dayton, Ohio area football coach Loren Meadows.

He’s a highly respected assistant football coach and head track coach for the boy’s and girl’s at Northmont High School.

Then police got a call the other night about a suspicious vehicle parked in the driveway of an abandoned house. The fuzz pulls up, finds Meadows sprawled in the car, pants partially down.

You can see where this one is going.


The Dayton media is all over this one and even brings you the sultry details from the police report:

When deputies arrived, they found Meadows shirtless, his shorts were partially down and he was lying back in the vehicle, according to Deputy Mark Underwood. The 17-year-old girl was wearing blue jean shorts which were unbuttoned and unzipped, Underwood said, and her bra was lying in the seat beside her.

That wouldn’t be a good start for Meadows, but he had a plan.

He would claim to be a teen, too, so it would be cool with the cops. Two 17-year-olds just getting their hump on in the car late at night. No problems, the cops will go away, call the parents and two teens would get grounded.

“Initially, when asked his age, he (Meadows) tried to pass himself off as being 17 as well,” said Lt. Pete Smith of the sheriff’s office. “With the help of the onboard computers that we have now, we were able to pull up his age and Social Security number and we found he was 35-years-old.”

Damn, technology! As if police weren’t going to check his ID.

So Meadows went to backup plan #2. Try to get away. He’s a strength and conditioning coach. Just run away from the police.

Damn, Taser!!!!

Yeah, yesterday morning wasn’t much fun for Loren.

Northmont coach arrested with underage girl in Clinton County [Times Community Newspapers]

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    1. Jeff Dunn says:

      As a parent of children in this school, I worry about this. This is the second teacher who has been involved with a student from Northmont Schools. The only protection me and my wife have to combat this behavior is to talk with not only our teenager but with our younger ones as well. We warn them about these kinda people and the dangers from them.

    2. J Koot says:


      Yeah, this stuff has gotten out of control. We see numerous stories each day where coaches are criminal pigs and use their power to be with the children.

      Great job being open with your kids and talking about these idiots. More parents should follow your lead.

    3. Nonames says:

      I have read this numerous times, trying to think if i should comment.

      Finally decided to, I played football for Coach Meds, he was always a great coach and would do anything for his guys. I know that doesnt excuse his actions off the field. He always used to flirt with the coeds at the school, noone thought anything of it, since it was college and they were all of age. Nobody thought he would actually do something.

      I am saddened to see it went this far with a girl this young. I hope he can learn from this mistake and pick up the pieces of his life. Learning that its not ok, to use your influence over kids to make sexual advances towards them.

    4. Former Student says:

      This is the second teacher to be CAUGHT. As a former student who graduated in 2005 trust me there are many more coaches in Northmont that have/had sexual relationships with underage students. I doubt this girl was his first. He was very flirtatious with female students as was the other coaches. Hopefully Northmont will investigate farther than just Meadows. Also before trashing him please consider his family especially his mother. She worked with my mother and is an extremely sweet woman who has always been very proud of her children and rumor has it she is absolutely devastated & sick over her son's actions.

    5. skiplite says:

      Priceless: The staff photo shows the SCOREboard advertising PURITY.

    6. LS says:

      Suggestion- take the picture of the coaching staff off of this website. You do not have permission to use it!!!

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