The Ultimate Warrior Turns 50, Can Still Kick Your Ass


The Ultimate Warrior turns 50 years old today. Warrior was one of the most well know wrestlers of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The debate is still out as to just how good he is. Some feel Warrior was one of the best wrestlers ever. We just wanted to take a minute to pay tribute to Warrior. Here are 5 videos to pay respect to five decades of Warrior.

Warrior’s Intro Music

All in all, The Ultimate Warrior had great intro music. It got fans off their feet, and with The Warrior entering the ring at 25 MPH, there wasn’t enough time to get sick of the music.

Warrior on Arsenio

Late night has never seen an entrance like the one The Ultimate Warrior made on the Arsenio Hall Show. It is clear that Arsenio is WAY over his head. Warrior does a great job staying in character for this interview. After watching this interview, there is no question in my mind that The Ultimate Warrior was clean… chance U. W. hit the juice.

Warrior vs. the Undertaker

The Ultimate Warrior’s most watched video on YouTube is against the Undertaker. Warrior makes it down to the ring in 2.4 seconds. After watching this video, I have a huge desire to drink half a bottle of Black Label, and hit someone in the head with an urn.

Warrior Slams Andre

While not as exciting as Hogan slamming Andre at WrestleMania III, we must respect Warrior getting Andre The Giant up over his shoulder.

Warrior vs. Hogan

At Wrestlemania VI, the WWF Intercontinental Champion (Warrior) faced The WWF Heavyweight Champion (Hulk Hogan). Nothing beats Jesse “The Body” Ventura questioning the Warrior running down to the ring, “You know I think that is a mistake, he should be conserving his strength right here. He is facing the challenge of his life.” There is not question this match is one of the top 25 in the history of Wrestling.

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    1. says:

      Outstanding tribute and Happy Birthday Ultimate Warrior!!!

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    4. Crazy Oldie says:

      Back when wrestling was about the drama in the ring and not the other BS circus shit they have now..miss those days and all the old school wrestlers. Funny thing, until this post, I thought UW died or something AND the guy has is own blog…I really gotta cut back on the ganja

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    6. Lynn Angela Pisco says:

      WoW Ultimate Warrior is now 50 and still has it . Come on now guys, I think if he would of appeared on Monday night's Raw and become as a special surprise guest, do you think that he can make an effort to wrestle inside the ring and challenge Randy Orton whom thinks there's no one else who can be defeated and become the W.W.E. Heavyweight Champion ? I don't think so cuz I believe that Ultimate Warrior has come for one reason only and that's seeing his little warriors to believe in themselves and yeah he's going to make his return unless Vince McMahon himself allow it .

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