Leryn Franco Still Hot, Continues To Throw Javelin


It’s been many months since BC dabbled in Leryn Franco news.

Maybe because there hasn’t been any. She kinda disappeared after spending 2008 spreading out on couches for photographers in preparation for the Olympics.

Well, she’s back to competition and at least one videographer caught up with her at a recent event in Venezuela Greece (see below in comments).

Date Posted: June 2

Premise of Video: H paragouani akontistria – montelo sta Venizeleia 2009 @ Ethniko Stadio Chanion. We think that this says something about a track meet in Venezuela. (Yep, um, wrong continent says commenter below.)

Climax of Video: Ms. Franco throws her javelin, walks off to the side and starts doing toe touches. Watch (3:10 mark) as the cameraman snaps into action with the zoom. Major points taken off for not a closer look.

Conclusion: Franco is still in exile. All this does is wet our appetite.

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    1. Bokolis says:

      Venizeleia = name of meet
      Ethniko Stadio = National Stadium
      Chanion = name of town, on island of Crete, in Greece
      If that's not enough, the people around her are speaking Greek. The announcer is speaking Greek, some of the advertising is either in Greek, or refers to uniquely Greek products.

    2. J Koot says:

      Damn, wrong continent.

      And to think we're huge fans of Greek food and didn't catch the dialect.

    3. Frreeze says:

      Спасибо, статья помогла! Подпишуська на ленту!

    4. Moneyki says:

      Согласен с автором, все верно написал!

    5. Ñ‚Ð says:

      Жаль, что не смогу сейчас участвовать в обсуждении. Не владею нужной информацией. Но с удовольствием буду следить за этой темой.

    6. Л&Ntilde says:

      О! Спасибо автор, очень признателен!

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