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365 Days Of Lingerie Football League News: Miami Caliente Are Busy Team Building, Sharing Lime

BC continues to be in love and perplexed with this Lingerie Football League.

Many of the teams are holding yet another tryout this weekend or in the coming weeks (yeah, we follow the LFL Twitter acct. for such info). That would be like the third or fourth such ‘camp’ for some of these ‘teams.’

Meanwhile, the ever changing crop of ladies means bloggers must be on their toes for new photos to impress the Internet community.

Uncoached did just that this week as we get a good look at how LFLers share and build team camaraderie.

Looks like these ladies will handle the 2:00 drill just fine.

Moving on, BC also promised photos of that Skylar chick from yesterday‘s LFL coverage (and deliver after the jump). She hopes to play middle linebacker for the New York Majesty.We just hope her breasts don’t explode trying to blow up the lead fullback.







    1. mike says:

      Dude, I'd bet a million $$ that this girl Skylar is the same Skylar that I spent about $40 on one night @ a strip club in Vegas! My buddy laughed his ass off at me because evidently I picked the stripper with the weird looking tummy. I guess stripper milfs can be Pro athletes too!

    2. J Koot says:

      Yeah, I'm hearing she was a Vegas stripper.

      The guess here is that she's not the only two-sport athlete in the LFL.

    3. Justine says:

      Speaking of championship lingerie… ;)

    4. Skylar Vanel says:

      Actually u guys… I was a bartender inside the Palms Hotel and Casino and worked for the N9NE Group (Rain, Ghostbar,playboy, and moon).. there's are over 100,000 strippers in vegas.. i'm pretty sure i'm not the only skylar there! ahahah but hey good try!

    5. LMSW says:

      Why is this alright with everyone?! It's degrading and it's completely supporting the sex trafficking industry. You guys may be drooling over lingerae clad women- meanwhile women that are actually able to play sports are losing respect and support all the while the mophia ridden sex trafficking industry realizes the need for more young, lingerae clad prostitutes. If that's the cause you really want to support, well then by all means you're brains are a lot smaller than your penises.

    6. LOL@LMSW says:

      Really? You need to quit. While you are at it take an english refresher class and learn to spell! Oh, sorry for having a big penis.

    7. The LFL has now evolved into a league on it's own standings.

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